• Noah's P.R.A.C.T.I.C.U.M.

    Assembled for the people of Canada & all nations beyond. Peat Reinforced Arcing Crest Theorem Investing Cumulative Unequivocal Methodologies, found and written by Roger Fleury © 2016. Image left by artist Ken Huys of the Netherlands.

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  • Explore the origin of all wood today.

    Noah's Practicum proposes that the Gopher wood of the Ark was actually ancient Polymerized Peat. Grass roots stacked beneath the highlands plains of the old world. See actual evidence that suggests more than one craft may have been built including the legendary Turtle Island. Rediscover our heritage.

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Gopher wood defined today? With one word on line, PEAT is Key?!.

Stacking our weight behind answering this one word quest. Needing no leaps of faith, read this almost unbelievable theory, that joins the dots of a very true story? Starting with two points of view, never considered whole until here, welcome. We say Noah had a Turtle shape Isle for an Ark, like his great Grandfather, and household that followed him. Please note, Turtles lay how many eggs, as masters of Practicum bingo?

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Use this reference page to find up to date Noah's Practicum video posts heading for & on YouTube. Also find listed cold Trail clues, assembled for your evaluation and consideration, free to enjoy. Key into Peat & finally see turtle justice served, good Noah's, Gopher built Ark.

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Here all members are of a mind, with purpose, combing for more clues. To address the finer points experts may need a table readily available. Heart driven teams may discuss findings respectfully safe. Enter to commence a path requiring temperance.

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We believe the sparked thoughts of every Visitor may hold very high value. So attempts shall be made to allow insights a place. Here we shall gather comments, yet ask those of prudent skill to aid translations & future research.

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As people we have vastly diversified our language, with a sea of words under repair and redefinition all the time. Join us in this adventure of returning a lost true word, for those many generations ahead, may have a need for common ground.