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  • Methodologies, funnily, is a word based upon the way a great man worked, Methuselah?!.


Methodology. Understated in all literature, most answers are often lost in scattered details. Even today’s best authors lose track of ideas and directions. I pray I have not misled anyone and did my best at holding to what is written, weighed and measured by mind and heart?!. The aim and real purpose of this website is to open a global discussion that resolves the term Gopher wood. Having made a wish to find something good to write about, this has been fun, first draft afloat and free. Faith has defined much in our past, created our languages, and allowed us words to express all we do. Keeping us at times from following foolish acts and ways, even thoughts that defeat, with proven methods. In the next video is the way most view the Noah’s Ark story. Yet to accurately tell the story we need to know what Gopher wood is. Noah sought his great grandfather Methuselah’s advice after having dreams of the great flood to come.

The makers of this movie raise morality points, poke at the corruption of man, and speak of Noah’s hardships. Yet honestly know nothing of Gopher wood and guess at the design Noah used to build the Ark. Turned away from the courts of kings and chased by laughter, Methuselah was by Noah’s side as written in scripture. Before he built the Ark Noah proposed a plan to the known world of people, yet turned away he never retreated. Reportedly surrendering to the better judgement of his great grandfather Methuselah. What a pair of shoulders to turn to, wow, and how did they travel from land to land? Exactly, we don’t know if by ship or wagon. Just like how nobody knows where the Ark was actually built, it could have been any of the continents, or perhaps all of them. Which is the theory we are working on, multiple Arks, with a flotilla landing around the immense mountain range named Ararat. Not just one single craft. Why, how did the Sons of Noah become kings, of who, their one wife each and a few kids. Come on, do you know how many people it takes to build a ziggurat? From eight to seven billion in four thousand years, unlikely, try the math. Even a few hundred extra people wouldn’t be enough to explain our current cultural and ethnic diversity as a people. Noah and family must have went on a last minute adoption spree or a whack of unspoken relations got in on the action. Mysterious and wonderful is the way people figure things out. Enjoy the next video added to show necessity evolved engineering and true daring of man’s thinking. Yet even the rig below couldn’t handle the flood. Though honestly the construction technique used to build the platform below raises one very important fact. Seamless construction is essential to building any large ocean going structures expected to stand up to the riggers of open water.

Without knowing the launch site researchers have focused their efforts around the Scripture reported landing site of the mountains of Ararat. On one of the slopes of the vast mountain range of Ararat. If the theory proposed by Noah’s Practicum holds true. The polymerized peat hulls would have melded into the landscape. Broad blankets of peat nurturing the valley growth there for generations untold? People and nature breaking the Arks down into workable resources until exhausted. Scripture records that people, made pilgrimages, and traveled back to the landing site. To chip away pieces of the great ship to polish as keepsakes? From jewelry to basic building materials, every last trace of the Arks probably got recycled. By four settled ages of men, goats, wolves & all else, making use of nature’s bounty. Polymerized peat would appear as an Amber of sorts, leaning towards the hue of Jet, yet with embedded roots almost assuredly visible. Gopher wood, no matter the color, by today’s standards, would be passed over by most jewelers and possibly left to the peat fuel markets. Imagine if the Amber shown in the next video was full of air entrained tiny root remains. Lowering its density substantially whilst remaining watertight enough to float high in even freshwater.

Science may make you feel foolish as a leaf, dividing us with branches of things, until the root sources become hidden. Which means we should double check the trunk of facts and pay mind men. Due diligence makes me ask, where was Methuselah and what was he doing when all he loved was at risk? In my estimates there was a total of Forty Eight possible build sites possible among plateaus. I found vast high elevation plains today, that may have once been old world mountaintop valleys filled with Gopher wood, or Gophered peat, everywhere. Noah rallied the folks okay? Ruins? Think underpinning, people do that all the time during major projects? Yet oddly many of the sites we have considered have megalithic forms of rare stonework no experts agree upon for use or reason or even the makers of. Guesses by experts, corroborated by another expert is still not fact. Yet undeniable in the next video, is how the people making their home upon lake Titicaca have a deeply ingrained historical memory of a long journey back to a place of safety.

Disclaimer, as I think upon backlash, I took from the public, here I confess, every word every video, without any ones’ direct expressed knowledge. Only to give it back in as pure a forum as able, forgive me if I have trespassed, that was not my intent. Asked I would willingly let you nail me to this theory the wrong way if need be, with my own hands, every strike, promised here in word my heart open to you all. Complain freely, offer reword suggestions, yet I have this list to finish, days. Ladies, when I say men, my wife said she is included in that, for all men, thanks love.

This video at expert level read to you before you watch. These men are providing a barrier to protect lives so essentially valued & overlooked. The pressures they are capping and displacing safely turn that box into a gated valve by all definitions. See it is built like a Bank vault, with vents, puncture resistance, controlled release. Every pipe there bearing enough water pressure to cut stone in half. Managed by experts & installed to provide a safe walkabout. Allowing access to water dispensed over a broader reach, as they do for many resources responsibly, we work. In ancient times in several cities existed more extensive waterworks than most people imagine. With thousand year old plumbing designs still in use, such as our basic brass gate valves, a technology possibly around at the time of the great flood.

I dreamt of writing a story and started writing, then needed to read, and read, and read. Once I found a premise almost unknown to me, a dot of something true, footprint, path, walked once before, of another’s. How to express the feeling of connecting the dots that first time, so awash. Chief to a theory, those who never would have laughed, may have assembled. Multiple Turtle shaped Isles, using Noah’s Arcing Theory, about Cresting Peat. There is no 1 expert of this kind. Watch this next video & imagine tamp-able inserts being made from the H stone profile, ceramic?

I have a friend B. with a last name joined to explain his line. It means Potmakerman he said to me as he change subject to his wife’s weaving projects, funny & true. He gardened near, spoke to me often, hope he sees this. To Tepper is a word I have very little knowledge on before then, now what I could say, is for his ears when he calls the brat, B? S? Funny yeah their initials here to them. Brings us to understanding that presented fabrics of clothe Bill Nye wishes. Is under his nose now?

The men pictured above need firewood, introduce to Peat briquette bales, have supply & demand? The techniques & know how of the men shewing us a good time. Have also granted us an inside view of early major pottery tech also now identifiable by sight when you now check another. A slow method, watch as this man’s hands work clay into form, & imagine real anchours from our past joined again. Ropes braced by such would fasten a future shared truly knowing who we are.

A point of note the next Artist may or may not be aware of. Your hands would make the best clay bells. Your chimes would have tones dreams are made of. Takes dedication to reach that level, read up, your very close to, ting that’s it! I was trained by ear to sound stone, sounds funny, yet I can find cracks by sound & feel in most anything. Possibly a thing to do with wielding a hammer all day. I feel the hum of things upon touch, not magic, just a way to read unseen structural integrity. Hope this reaches you Lee. Sounding that last piece you made, slowly measuring the work for vibrations of worry, suspenseful for a guy like me, good shew my friend.

Watching this video, took me to entirely nourished, touching a part of my heart at the essential level. His technique is the only viable way to mass produce enough anchours. He pounds the clay as a swordsmith, maximizing the yield potential, actually using harmonics and the touch of his hand to controlled thickness & density. Here is a Master at more than life. Elder, I ask you, if you read this. Have you thought of Peat briquettes, clean burn, good for Pottery? Check link pages. Test? Call companies, if they pre exaust fuel as your trade needs before condensation of carbon, you get it. Cheap shipping, so light fly, fuel two way split, double down renewable energy source that pays off for you if done right at manufacturing levels. Take gas of pre burn, burn later hotter, both times, save on long haul. Anyone reading open field.

Using the H stones of Puma Punku as molds, thousands of copies hand lain, & tamped before setting over mold and pressed gently to shape. Bellows pops each piece off, air dry, fire, then insert. At the right temperature ceramic may be structurally sound enough to handle any molten metal as well as be a bulletproof grip, hydro fit. Zero waste & much arrayed, setting one in place to test will take time. Then get the rigging guys in to figure out the knots. Lees way great inside parge. Clay parged interior rooms, fired inside hull, would be watertight & safe for flames. Lamps & cook stoves easily vented as we know how to pipe that too. The Ark had three levels mentioned, within the hull, a City under the bridge?


Fired, clay lined Gopher wood rooms, fits almost every description scripture technique faith thought origin word ever conceived definable, to me anyways, you?!. I pray more fill this than I. For I have shown only a fraction of the things I imagine await discovery. So many dots the connections will never unravel again. Drift through our first draft, leave some feedback, allow me to dream 20 20. Filling out the pages here is actually not the story I started writing. Yet, grant one hope to Peat, yeah sure, I got the time. Pray one of these noble craftspeople build something Turtle ish next, anywhere, theme it up TMNT people. Cartoon reference, sorry. Allow it & please watch. Science would have us believe we couldn’t build in ancient times at quality & levels of care we enjoy as today.


To those seeing trickles that would create a stable foundation. Open to responsible query until task nighs. Placing a shop beside windows is a time honoured tradition, as is trusts built, though that’s what societies are made of. Beneficial trade, that founds a site and funds??? A Noah’s Practicum Gift Shop, actually sounds nice 20 20, if ever to open? Details a budding theorist, needs time to work out, before finishing a page. Co founder members? Free & non profit, make Noah proud. In the next video nativity related Canadian men & good neighbours to our south. Show how the male essence to nest impresses our mates like everywhere else.

Science has to accept the idea we may have fallen back in advancement. Yet we still retain many of our old world skills. Instinctively we drift towards interesting things. Learning who we are as people each step of the way. Imagine if those who laughed were grateful for the rooms. Builds a warm spot that feels right in the right place. Enough to wonder what designers of these homes would have made out of a Peat hull knowing they could. Live, eat & bath, as needed, draw water?

From wow disarmament to several reasons for affordable housing starts, builders. Noah’s Practicum just finished our first draft we hope you enjoyed our compilations. Public access is where we are at, check in until 2020 for updates. Subscribing to news shall be free. Repaired daily, any expert friends would be welcomed as family. Looking forward to the draft then, curiously thinking is all.

Long ago I was cast adrift, left so cold I plunged until drawn, awakening so I feel quickened still. Honestly I enjoyed writing this. I pray I have given a good answer. Seeing the construction of this vessel from the eyes of a man such as I. In the hundreds of pages the details may end up expanding to, containing enough links in our chain, none feel alone again. Hopefully from leading experts pitching in. Everyday people need to remind experts to never forget again that linking origin to tip. Is a stylus form every blade is shaped after, broken or no, all word is God’s as the grass is green & genus of wood as well yes experts. 3D kids is your plan not ours, gene fumblers, stop being bad.

Noah’s Ark was made of Gopher wood, and shaped like Turtle Island? Enjoy the new theory, relate the data, atheist like if you please, if you must, you’re still people, just challenged by faith, completely understandable, until that day, be as you are, yet be happy. That enough of us did believe & still do to this day, how we survived what where & how to date. Not only firmly in grasp in facts that our tribe traveled so many times round this world everyone became everyone. Science wants a computer to name God? R i g h t? Fates are ours!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! & when our votes stack up ages from now being right would be cool then too ∞² One last video for the first day. Remember this is getting built live, whole net linked in by you, as I sit here on things. Let none divide our genus again, there has been enough, media spurred harm, be good, and word it up, this one is for fun.


Practicum posed, Noah’s Ark a true fact? As random may sound, I believe, Maker Turtled, intended. Brought to you courtesy of one encouraged by his heart as commanded by the need of those I love.

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