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Co Founder Workshops

Here members shall work together to build a foundation trusted to continue until theory proven. In keeping with your beliefs, earn with us the right to know Gopher wood, from roots on up as intended. Since we began, late is the hour, & nigh is the time, one & all feel at home. Welcome, brace the known & remembered, allowing the unseen & unknown, due wrest. Enjoy this site, primarily to shew Gopher wood to those of quest, nothing more, & little less, in safe waters.

Young Markus Baker has volunteered to coordinate research submissions & postings. As a pre law student at the University of Toronto. Warmly welcomes the online practice of placing a chair at a discussion table. Virtually planning a future around legally defining words. He would like to sculpt these forums. To be constructed as need develops, into something worthy of the books. From queries to Pages posted here on site, to outside efforts of support & any surprising leads we need know. Please use the contact form below until better services are made available. With real time streaming chat soon to be made available, remember one true fact, disparaging another here is tantamount to biting your own hand. Respect is a fair summation all are free to make personal at home. All comments will be filtered, yet the value of your opinion is not lost on us, & may lead to a better determination and enduring future of our people to come.

Building a thing of faith, shared by all ages, goes beyond free will when shewn by a loved one related as you are. Please by all means grace here the same ∞² For those wishing to contribute their thoughts we established an Email. Purely for discussion, as this site is was intended, laying contention aside. You may write to noahspracticum@gmail.com until an affordable permanent solution is able to be added to the site.

Gopher wood is a mystery Noah unraveled using words plucked from a dream. Delivering us through a trial, survived at great cost, with still no way to measure. How to repay that honourable act, so valuable to us as people, makes his source essentially absolutely worth rediscovery. Viewing Gopher wood in this new way allows for much more than connecting histories. Linking our past to our future by knowing our roots makes sense. For true practicum, may stem needs beyond us, seen to.

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