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  • Plained Gopher wood, is best seen as a plain, of dense Peat, fathoms deep, thirsting for the sea.

May God bless you.

Thank you for visiting Noah’s Practicum, more simply Noah’s work study.

Our main topic is about answering the question. “What is Gopher wood?”

Asked of me by my youngest son Tristan. I answered, amidst my afternoon prayers and in all honesty. The knowledge was there, in mind and now in heart enough to write, as given. The best definition I am able to offer is as follows. “Grass roots.” Are the first two words I said to him, then he helped answer by adding. “Preserved in like sap or something.” He said as I smiled and replied. “Right! Exactly!” As a former carpenter praying for work that would allow me to provide a little soul nourishment for those I love.

Feeling called to write what I believe is true about the processes that created the wood of the Ark. Has also lead me to believe the legendary Turtle Islands were made of the same substance, namely Gopher wood, or the compounded materials of reputation. Earliest translations made from Scripture appear as preserved reeds, yet the word for preserve also later becomes used for bitumen and pitch. Much the same for the character used for reeds, in part or whole unsaid, or perhaps too common to include variants. Such as peat, the preserved remains of reeds, in sap.

I surmise, guess, that the Old Testament words Gopher wood, as spoken of, from the book of Genesis. Be indeed and most simply seen as polymerized peat, or sap preserved reed root fibers. Yet only that of the plains of secluded highland plateaus. Above the treeline, stacking up on previous years dry preserves, much different from the mossy lowlands. This theory may be first to conclude this yet science has advanced enough to act as witness and follow up. Movie goers may have seen the Jurassic Park series that shows polymerized sap, also known as Amber. Bearing all manner of preserved things inside such as plant matter and insects. Reeds grasses and every other plant including trees are dependent on a sap circulation system to survive.

Sap of all plants contain liquefied solids. Those solids become polymerized over time, great lengths of time. Around the world are vast plateaus of grasses and reeds that in ancient times stacked at an annual rate of only 1 millimeter annually, same as today. So I ask you, how many millimeters would one hundred thousand years accumulate to, or millions? Hundreds of meters or football fields thick of upwards growth and preservation. Unseen under great plains of tough reeds, brush and competitive vegetation, may have given existence to a layer of strata, purely organic. In the fall every blade of grass uses the last of its sap to save their roots. Condensing and solidifying during a dry season, then getting partially dissolved during wet months. After a time starting to grow above the dirt, as the dense fine roots entangle becoming free of heavy soil

Minute traces of crystallizing sap escaping from the tough fine roots, seasonal plant decay, and renewal processes. May have created a false water table that pressed the hard to dissolve sap resins deeper into the tightly woven fibers. Creating beneath the surface progressively polymerized layers of peat. Possibly even hundreds of meters thick, compounding seamlessly amidst the mesh of hollow dried root fibers. Needing tens or hundreds of thousands of years to become polymerized naturally. Thus far being the best explanation of what is Gopher wood I may manage. Hopefully making into a reality we may all see, even if not in hand, in mind.

How that links the building of Noah’s Ark with the legends of Turtle Island is not so great a leap. For there are as many indigenous oral traditions teaching about a Global Flood survival, on an Isle or Ark. Knowing how Gopher wood is possibly constructed may grant us an insight never imagined until now. That we have become truly one worldly people.


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