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  • As a father, my son asked, what is Gopher wood? Genus to all wood I said, knowing?!.

Cumulative. Update Sept. 2017. After a year of thinking about the point of this page. How I came to believe Gopher wood is what I suggest it is. I’ve decided to take a look at various random unexplored high altitude sites. In no particular order, as there is a vast amount of landscapes to examine and start with. Bridging divides I need be clear about the rare type of peat sought. High altitude plains of overgrown reed remains. Aged until seeping sap resin solids. Condense around the mesh of indigestible fine root fibers. Polymerizing around encapsulated tiny gas pockets. Creating possibly the micro-honeycombed miracle known as Gopher wood. We shall aim at prospective plateaus and common links that may hide clues to the answers we seek. For around the world are such beautiful places worth a virtual walkabout and contemplation. Newly added is a very enjoyable video that allows a plain seen during winter. Imagine though as if pre-flood if you would. Gracefully the author of the next video has built up a series of fantastic time-lapse films. Also posted on YouTube and worth watching, do enjoy.

Elders thanks for the schooling. Next I posted a debate between experts. Bill Nye wishes to predict the future, without God, uncool. Ken Ham sowing Old Testamentary trusted words, proper. Yet both men are so entrenched in firm faith are their minds and hearts open to good reason. Both rights, being right actually, in entirety more so than not, leaves us between them? Curiously I wonder at their opinions of Noah’s Practicum. Not now, when I am done busting my butt until 2020. Good science teaches intolerance tolerance. Cumulative efforts may one day prove the polymerization of peat bears water & is Gophered. Then two by two, we may welcome the new age of faithfulness and answers.

To be fair I had to show you the mainstream opinions that exist now. Between the two of them, I found something to work with I enjoy so immensely, even if wrong, right? Debunk me if you must yet be kind, people need the good news again. Back where it belongs, fixing and repairing daily, scoop it up, and pay it forward?!. Right now the last two speakers are on front line of ages of debates. Boys, would it help if I said Bill, stop seeing the Lion, & Ken, that’s no Lamb, now Shepherds, Roger? Hi! Viewers be conscious of the sub-text in the next video that provides valuable clues to what is Gopher wood. Thanks Bill and Ken for talking it out. I highly recommend the next videos on what we know and learned about Peat. Each has several small important facts that add up to theory points.

Found another of Bill’s gems, and can see why my little ones love him. Sir. Ken Ham Sir. round II Champ. Been in both of your corners for some time, Brothers. Readers I hope you understand the theory of Noah’s Practicum by now yes? I pray so God bless. I beg you each & all, beg these men to speak again, before us all. Bill, Ken, same team, glows ∞² Between the two of you, you may all persons & those loved, a shew what many beg for? Bill Nye, trodding on bout Peat. Talking about Genus & how Peat filters water, at lowland heights only! The mountains of Peru and Boliva share some of the greatest evidence to date of a flood and the void left by a plain of Gopher wood.

Cumulative. Simplest said, in offering this theory, it is only right to be considerate. As in the future additional facts may surface needing a trusted table to land upon. Noah’s practicum will remain as solid a place as time allows. Seeing past 2020 to the years ahead enjoying the ground zero words, fondly in peace is great. Expectant, yes, people over the next many generations of research and curiosity, will seek assumptions. It is safe to believe in Noah’s purity as written. Proving the Gopher wood of Scripture and legend will be an undertaking of generations spanning a thousand years possibly, yet worth doing.

Notice how the local people have shifted from using peat blocks to netted plastic bottles to support their houses and islands. Starting with the pieces I place for study before everyone through this forum. May lead to a practice already at bloom, that continued, add up to something grand? A thousand years from now, shared sooner by us today, I wish those I love to know. I cared enough to write to them, for them, of them. A mystery worth culmination? Absolutely, for this is just the start of a trail, we have sought for so long. Sit back, let’s take our time, prove we all have a word or two about this. Main difference between highland & lowland Peat, is rate of decomposition, preserved dry, not wet. At elevation mosses are rare and the taller grasses prevail.

Eh, cool how YouTube has a video on everything eh? Thanks to them, technically, every visitor may be granted view of the points written of here. People, we have the tech, tools and are knowledgeable, which means we may climb out of anything. I dare all of you, find some dirt-free facts, the good stuff. Expert and amateur stacking up and chinking this idea. As I work to fill in the gaps. Contributed comments carry forward cooperative thinking and gaining an earnest benefit all may share. The nativity value of Gopher wood, to the those after us, may be priceless, so due diligence please. Know that only lowland peat is mostly moss, as highland peat tends to be mostly seasonally dried and stacked root fibers and little else. Save seeping sap that later polymerizes.

Getting back, we have a ship to virtually build on specs unseen, paved unknowns, thus I beg your patience. Reunification is easy, we have it now. Peace? wouldn’t that be great? Common ground, this page, yeah?!. Maybe the meek did inherit?! God knows more about this story that I never shall, thank goodness. Discover your pieces, if in this story they belong, offer it to those managing something related and it may end up included. Just imagine the storied potential, as a ma, pa, or distant wee tot of our future?!. Getting to know of Gopher wood out of the Old Testament Book of Genesis with trust doable in our day? I hope you say yes as I do, yet allow me time to assemble what I may. In the next video how peat gets used as a fuel yet with points of interest and worth a watch.

I expect to actually witness the regrowth of Gopher wood a great deal of time may still need to pass. With the polymerization process a thing that takes tens of thousands of years. Stacking up enough peat on a plain left untouched to do so, is a long wait and my guess. Next is a weird Disney product that accidentally granted me my first glimpse of Lake Titicaca. Shared by Bolivia and Peru and famed for being the highest altitude saltwater lake. The lives of the people and culture found there inspired the connections I propose that Noah’s Ark and Turtle Island were made of the same said Gopher wood and constructed at the same time. The many different similar high plains build sites had me chasing my tail for years before enough pieces fit together that shipyards made sense, enjoy.

Masons rarely waste their time today on trivial projects, tuning us carpenters, to plane wood. My Uncle would call one of us, needing a keen edge and wedged throat to trust, today’s Masons have a great sense of follow through, almost faster than sight. Condensed bile from a person is a quick stone softener, from persons, left collecting quantities? My Uncle cut stone his whole life. Braided hair is acid resistant, much as natural rubber, add crushed hard stones, diamonds, abc, drag line? Watch the next video & see how Stoneworkers today with the cool tools, hammer out a detail.

During ancient times pottery was a profession highly advanced enough to chrome plate clay. Today easy enough, concrete forms, precast shapes. Using the observations here and hearing the next presented video. May we ask, engineering schools, work the numbers, calculations very easy. Input data of suspect Peat characteristics, into scaled models, at varied layered hull permeation densities at weight, then measure way more than twice & Post everything, please, we you are building the relativity. Our age matters to ever one after, so do our actions & inactions, get to it I write theory. 3D print project, open casting call, have fun, the work is yours, explore, create, shew a view stars.

Making all the cuts in the H stone is still an issue here. Cast & mold, only reason to put so much work into a piece, need to use over & over. H stones capped with clay & chaff, chopped bits of fibrous weave, air dried, then fired. Would create an insertable emergency landscape rigging anchor without digging mortise. Strong bearing point, braces rigging knots, hydro statically affixed, great when pull is onside. Tempered ceramic is old school, lightweight stoneware, brave people trust to stop bullets with in service daily. Bracing the tiedown stresses of rigging every ship.

Ceramic copies made from specially designed profiles of stone. Inserts light enough anchours dropped in place making a life on board worth the time. Deflecting potentially massive amount of sea energy applied on a natural one piece hull. Granting enough reinforcement the ropes depend on, amplifying hold potential. Simply seeing the pounding sea only driving in something made for duty where duty belongs & is needed. It will not be easy to enjoy the next video and imagine how to voice words. That point of land there, if I had one wish, past post runnin


The next video is also hard to see yet spoiler, good end to hard knocks. A wounded Turtle, injured by man, helped by man. Says a lot about peoples motivations, & innate need to repair. 3D printing at variable densities is probably the closest we may get to actual Gopher wood. Using Ultrasonic results to plot courses, much may be accomplished over time. I saw a different video that gave me grief as I tried to link it up & saw this one instead. Hard to watch, yet Turtle power is braved, as a man blows air to resuscitate a water choked and suffocating sea turtle. Going beak to beak, & refusing to let a life fade is how we are, mercy shewn, as real as it gets. Turtle could have tried to get even, their net hurt her, nearly drowned her, assuming as one says. See lamb and lion bear air.

Invite each other to imagine we all fought once for the right reasons at the right time. The first breath of life that lead me to write the theory I hope now lives in you. Of Noah’s Practicum and the original great acts that inspire faith. Jon Voight’s real faith & emotions are played against facts scientifically arranged in the next full length movie. Read past the hoopla. God is Great. Enough to stay quiet, fare happily your free will & work to better the days of those around you, neighbours broadening equally aside.

Circumstance, allows little room for doubt for me, though command you to believe anything you would never on your own. Finding pathways is what hunters do, & I have done no harm that way, since Father taught me. Even in the City are choice in fair game, works worth choosing, words traded in products beneficial. Social bonding may lead us astray at times, yet stated here is no reason for that, for since Adam, we have been one tribe. Nativity a right of all to claim, anywhere technically, yet break nothing or harm not a soul, for if you do, need I say more, tried People?!.

Every word started with a vow ripped out of us during prayers so personal feeling answered saves.

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