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  • As son of a woodcutter, & becoming a carpenter, knowing wood is a tradition.


Theorem. The pointed word is used in this theory preemptively to allow hindsight a faithful start. Updating Aug. 2017, after the first year of visitors touring Noah’s Practicum, may I say thank you to every reader. Know I am grateful for the chance of assembling and arranging the details around a few major facts. Truly hoping to offer a respectful resolution that explores an actual new angle. On this Theorem page I shall attempt to provide valid real world reasons why and what makes me believe enough to write. Thanks to YouTube for hosting the many Noah’s Ark video translations I found to link us up. Repairing our peoples’ view of Gopher wood must be this theory’s starting point. Before asking if Noah’s Ark is possible as the next video does. I ask you to know that reading the literal Scriptures of more than one faith allows a broader view of us as a whole people. I believe Gopher wood was simply ancient polymerized grass root remains, hidden beneath many of the pre-flood high elevation plains. Please enjoy the first video on this page and imagine the narrator’s opinion if he knew of this theory.

Polymerized ancient highland peat. Created by hundreds of thousands of years of old world grass plain growth. Leaving behind a forgotten about, time thickened, root structure, grown long free of soil. Over vast lengths of time allowing small amounts of slowly accumulating condensing resins to collect. Ages of annual processes including polymerization. Seasonal heavy rains pound the previous season’s insoluble resins down deeper. Then the drying seasons of fall and winter allow the plain to become entrained with air. As the fine fiber walls become reinforced by contained hardening resins that refuse to dissolve any further in contact with water. Imagine such a micro-honeycombed strata, made of grass roots trapped in condensing naturally occurring resins, similar to Amber. So far, the best definition I can come up with, yet I am a just a carpenter. A lowly expert on joining real world wood, stone, steel, composites of all sorts, who actually enjoys studying new and old lamination processes, including the natural ones our planet endures. Please enjoy and try to imagine the less wet moss-free conditions of a grassy high elevation mountain plateau.

Allow a moment to see the dimensions given in Scripture, 300 cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits as we propose. Without worrying about the actual incremental size of a cubit. I would instead ask you to examine the terms translated into length, width and depth. Translated terms assumed and inscribed alongside, yet what if the dimensions given instead directed us to the minimum inside thicknesses as I will explain. Noah used one broad beamed plain of Gopher wood. I imagine a turtle shell shaped keel that natural buoyancy and expansion would cause to Arc up almost as tall as thick. With water saturated edges dipping below the swale of large waves. The stretched out rise of miles of sloping plain would be the only natural thing able to disperse and dissipate the energy of a tall falling crest. Enjoy the next video of sea turtles just for fun.

Noah’s Ark would have had to be built just like a sea turtle. Strong, stable, and capable of keeping a hold watertight and a dry breathing space safe for enough people. Able to take the brunt and even a dunking with enough buoyancy to rise and always breach the surface. For one year existing immersed yet with arcing a real possible characteristic of Gopher wood. Imaging the Ark able to shed water and stay afloat is much easier and makes more sense. Once the constraint of a the descriptive terms, length, width, height, that may have slipped out of proper context during progressive translations. Maybe the later added descriptive words of length, width and height were more simply intended as side, top and bottom. With the dimensions given in Scripture seen as the hull thicknesses of any length of side, breath of bottom, and depth of top, even I am staggered by such thoughts. Polymerized peat hull sides at three hundred cubits thickness all around, with fifty cubits as the dimensional thickness of the lowest portions of hull, and thirty cubits as the minimum thickness the upper hull tapers down to. Granted that leaves a vast hold to plan, of plain, unseen since Noah. Imagine the next video as such an ancient plain, minus the mud. Mud which experts believe is the world’s best evidence of a global flood. A bit afield, Brien Foerster narrates his views, of his theories, while granting us a perspective of ours, do enjoy.

With the first focus of Noah’s Practicum, work study, being about finding a definitive answer to what is Gopher wood. Narrowing my focus down to a hundred thousand years of grass plain growth at high elevation. By unintentionally seeing Planed beams as plained beam for just a moment. Began my first suspicions more rested beneath the surface of such mountain range sheltered plateaus. All leading me to review the terms of definition around the dimensions we are given in Scripture. In the next video we visit the mountains of Ararat where Ron Wyatt explored a site the locals claimed for generations as the resting place of the Ark.

We agree yet our perspective varies, firstly I believe that be only a piece of an Arc. With no wood ever found, a few nails in a row and little else except one major thing, Peat. Hard fibrous layers of eroded ancient peat, but not a trace of wood. Look closely and notice that it is a mound of dirt, held together by ancient remains of Peat, not wood. In Scripture it clearly states all the shiny polymerized bits were chipped away and treasured. As pilgrims have done for four thousand years, enjoy another tour of the Mountains of Ararat.

Noah’s Ark coming to rest among the Mountains, yes Mountains of Ararat, not Mountain. So where was Methuselah and his portion of the fleet. Do you know how many anchors they found in those mountains? The Ark needing only one or two, dozens and dozens of oversized anchor stones have been found, with maybe hundreds repurposed or carted off over the centuries. How many remain hidden or buried? Finding a gem of wonder to me. Watch the next video and check out the stone they find that is actually polymerized. How did that happen, not shiny enough of a piece of what. That is only rock because of the polymers holding it together. Big question, organic polymer or inorganic? My guess is that this dirt existed once right under a layer of Gopher wood, becoming polymerized as well. 100% is my belief that at 3 minutes into the next video. Is a layer of polymerized sediment that may have once clung to the underside of a Gopher wood Ark.

The words Ark and Arc stem from the same root, yet vary today in definition as the words have evolved into what we have today. In ancient times the word Ark included all kinds of real world physical things, even baskets were referred to as Arks. Today Arc is seen as drawing segment description more than a physical object description. Who uses the word Ark commonly, nobody, since Noah, who? Arcing, the physical act I believe Gopher wood does when it gets wet, while still providing a hull that may fairly be referred to as an Ark. In our next video, read the words on the board the narrator T.J. points to often. Reeds and grasses, pitch, and all kinds of guesses. With need of a solid answer, I got to thinking upon the polymerization of peat much more seriously.

Methuselah, Noah’s great grandfather and definitively relating to all men. May have organized some behind the scenes plans to ensure Noah’s success. Purely speculation of course, there are so many commonalities, historical overlaps needing some glue. Gilgamesh used Gopher wood too you know, different shape yes, yet he got his instructions from where. MMM, I wonder, tight knit polymerized cubes, lashed and welded together with heat. Plains of Gopher wood diced up and carted, hollowed out in place, or ground up and reconstituted, remaining structurally strong. Square miles of hull, inside dirt free peat. Made of tightly woven old world root fibers, with the lowest layers polymerized into something like turtle shell. Buoyant ancient plains rising up tall enough during the flood to absorb and shed the worst away from the living. About the density of polymerized material, enjoy this repeated video regarding the compound Amber, and its tendency to float in saltwater. Alone a piece sits low as you will see yet imagine if filled with air entrained root fibers?

Earthen vessels, is basically what we are discussing here? As all waters are one, we are just clay, empowered by light. Every motion, every thought, are willed impulses of light passing through darkness. With word & intention revealing who we are. Essential sacks of willing light, determined to reach somewhere, each journey matters to our whole. True values arcing the soul, light surging & cresting within us, from our hearts a word?!. For this I write, word after word, until my light sees. Back to basics with the next video, first in a very informative series you may follow the links to. Very important as the narrator links us to a 3D engineer’s frameworks program load calculations may possibly be worked upon. Volunteers? Anybody, wish to weigh and measure? Work up a critique of our first designs? By 2020 maybe I will have something. Volunteers? Its a big ship, new terrain?

Wise sailors know the ship they work upon is a constant calculated risk from launch to journey’s end. Ships designed by engineers that measure to their best ability. Everything known to ensure the safety and lives of the crews and cargoes they have been entrusted with. Bearing the brunt, believing Noah did all he could for those around him, as did his great Grandfather, Methuselah, also mentioned in Scripture. Unwritten is what Gopher wood is yet they built something that saved us out of it. God I hope I am right, yet they did not falter, nor did they fail us, in service to all men, for all ages after, beyond two by two. Regally, and most majestically humble was their triumph. Thank God for such great people from which we all derive, feel alive. Bill Nye entertained my wife and I, and our children, until they saw the next video. Believers be warned, he doesn’t, well not yet anyways.

Never doubt, never fear, believe, charging at all around to task. Not as a lion, ringing pure vowels, people are more than sheep. Being nosy and online I found videos on YouTube of, The Floating Islands of Tiahuanaco, and lake Titicaca, more than interesting, captivating actually. A mystery had lead me to a mystery, then the stones of Puma Punku took shape. I do not claim to have found all there is, just a clue, maybe key, and a way. Turtle Island may have really been part and parcel of Noah’s Ark. At 4 mins and 45 secs Bill Nye says something I wish all readers to hear.

Using another younger Bill Nye videos, listen to his ABC reasons for wetlands being important. A flooding control, B cleaning water, C home to wildlife, everything the Ark would need to do and be, do enjoy. This Bill was awesome, shame he didn’t walk up the hill to do any comparisons to the highland plains to be fair. The type of peat I wish he could find may be lost forever, or until enough time passes it can replenish, which may be long after us. I am encouraged by the next video on Geo-polymers. Showing how man knew how to make dry-pack cement resemble and by all definition be true stone once cured. Tough and durable they suspect now some Pyramid stones and statues may even be made by dry cast fabrication. With minimal water, and the correctly measured aggregates, form weather durable man-made limestone. Enjoy and think water diversion, sewage pipes, pumps and venting of a hull.

Point and click allows expert and amateur researchers alike reach as never before. As online I’ve found a word here and a word there. Clues that leave me thinking I found an answer to what is the mysterious Gopher wood. If seen as the seamless construction material I believe it to be. With properties and characteristics still to be weighed in and measured properly. It is hard to provide engineering estimates just yet. Here’s hoping I spark a larger reverse engineering project. Until then I have a plan to assemble a few naturally sourced ingredients. After watching the opinionated views in the next video, yes I can say, they are not my views. Even if I agree with many of the points expressed, bashing believers into lines is not one of, if I’ve been bashing sorry, this was written to be fun and informative.

Possibly soon able to post a video exhibiting a manufactured sample or simulation of Gopher wood. Instead of waiting for grass sap we will use tree sap and dried out grass roots, needing actually some of that good peat we spoke of. Using slowed down lamination processes and rates of compression. Getting the densities right will not be easy with heat needed to polymerize the sap without pushing out all the air a cool process would create. Warning, sap burns and is highly flammable, take precautions and children safe. Noah and his great Grandfather rallied all that didn’t laugh it up. In the next video, experts theorize about a plain I believe in ancient times was actually peat remains of grasses grown above the soil and with a layer built up beneath of resins that over a vast length of time polymerization turns it into Gopher wood.

Theorem.. Today we do not truly have to dig to know what is under the Tiwanaku valley. Experts have the ability with Ultrasonic technology, to envision the entire plateau substrata, down to bedrock. Yet still to be done, and with this theory newly written and some distance from being proven. I predict that there are important unique stones buried beneath the plain that one day shall explain all the others that were found. For not one written word was found on any of the stones found to date and all carved art a later addition. As the narrator in the previous video indicates and states that experts he has spoken to believe. The Great Flood placed the three hundred foot thick layer of mud filling much of the plain of Tiwanaku valley and leaving the body of saltwater behind to become lake Titicaca. Enjoy again from page P.

Noah’s Practicum was written to preserve, repair, & share a simple word redefinition. Bringing the term, Gopher Wood, into today as an understood true expression is our hope. Experts will be needed beyond me to bring the theory of Noah’s Practicum to life. Now with the advancements of the sciences behind polymerization allowing us new insights. Following Genus along ancient branches, tracing wood back to grass roots, not sound so odd hopefully here and now to you the term Gophered. Yes more a byproduct, yet still 100% wood at the elemental level and truly as told. Allows me to present the next video. Highly optimistic that this is the kind of hull strength the true Ark had, and at one thousand times the size, oh yeah I do dream big. Anyone else agree we should take another look at the plains of old, on high?


If you find this more than interesting, pivotal, got you spinning in place, or anchored. Check back annually during this three year build, and possibly witness an actual mystery, resolved during our lifetime. Keystrokes finding a keyway, which brings balance, especially upon seeing layered polymerized peat whetted?!. In range, an answer to an ages old quest, fitting almost every written word. Update Sept. 2017, theorem has grown pleasingly, and how Noah harnessed the Arcing of a Cresting plain feels to me as if Gopher wood is really coming into view, hope you agree.

Would you believe a theorem almost entirely a first draft, without wrest, don’t, not yet, in time.

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