• Noah's Practicum, found Peat able to float Gopher wood in true form to word.

Preface. Noah’s Practicum intends to shew the Biblical term Gopher Wood. At root genus newly known as Peat, yet not the moss bearing kind as of the lowlands. Instead, out of the highlands we shall uncover the lost trail that leads us to the polymerized miracle that is Gopher Wood. Believed created only at high elevation, enjoy the virtual tour we’ve assembled, and accept with us the challenge of rediscovery. Since the Great Flood, Gopher wood has been a questioned mystery that divides us as a people, thus we seek to repair our understanding by truly believing it exists. 

Climbing up to the heights above the treelines, to the plains beyond, a real answer exists that may define the Biblical term Gopher wood. Digging about for roots to an original word, once common. Gopher wood allows some people to imagine massive hewn beams, yet never is a tree mentioned in scripture. As a nativity minded Canadian, listening to my Elder Jacob, in the telling. Seeing more on the level the closer you listen, small wonder he earned Tata Madiba’s ear, that being Mr. Nelson Mandela. Believers of Turtle Island.

People, after Elder Jacob told me tidbits of their talk about Turtle Island, was wood in hand? Rocksolid? Enough I needed to call and ask his opinions, which were eye opening. Anishinabeg dream ahead, come back, tell at the same time. Asked and answered, is traditionally the best medicine, and in every native flood story it ends with an Island. In the video below Elder Jacob shows several locations on a map of North America. Which we believe to be cached Gopher wood. I am more than grateful for my chance to speak with Jacob, who went on ahead late 2016, R.I.P. Update 2017, its been a year Elder, and over twelve thousand readers have toured the website. I pray that makes you happy. May the House of Jacob be blessed my God, and his works maintained.

The jokes about the Biblical term Gopher Wood are definitely ancient, so ancient we forgot them. Not so funny now imagining poor Noah’s family facing doom. Engaged by this mystery, I imagined a Great Grandfather actively at work for those he loved and worked from there. Embracing the Arcing Crest Theory I dreamed about, with need writing towards an answer. Even I balked at the thought of Noah’s Ark and Turtle Island sharing the same building material. What do we know about Gopher Wood other than who instructed its use? God, how do I pitch simple unseen Peat as the same Gopher wood?! By keying to sight known word values, we start with Polymerization, a process Peat is famous for.

Still, an in depth explanation, is worth working on. Thus minded to start, I sought to answer, “What is Gopher Wood?” As my youngest Son asked amidst my afternoon prayers, and I answered. “The roots, grass roots, the Genus of all wood.” Yeah that’s sort of what I said, then found myself tasked, my course fixed and set when his belief in God felt real since. Something was healed in me in that moment, all my pain becoming nothing, and his belief everything. Thank you God for such a family. We’ve found loads of guesses out there with nothing indicating a solid provable fact that today is universally accepted. Sadly yet respectfully all need one true word to trust, Thus I read through scripture and many old legends from around the world, and found much to believe. It was all there, really there, clue after clue as I poured through pages of ages past, truly it was, is there. Bam, bam, bam, I saw a thing built worth bracing, repairing, harmlessly safe for all men?!. No matter the angles, all I kept finding led me to arcing’s steps & goal. God polymerized peat, ancient highland roots, into Gopher wood.

First the stones of Puma Punku got me thinking? Landscape anchors, as proof check how we manage debris flows, especially after seeing the masterful Grass Rope bridge building techniques. Displayed for viewing by Victoriano on a Youtube video, I calculated the basic figures and was humbled. A theory assembled, not all at once, yet it was rolling around up there, like thunder held aloft. Boom?!. Reinforcing the upper less polymerized peat layers with basic rigging techniques.

Awash as I was struck by the sight of the floating Islands of Lake Titicaca. The highest known navigable salt, yes salt water body. at 12,500 feet (3,810 meters) above sea level. Please note when watching the next video how they stack layers of reeds on top of roped together solid blocks of peat. Reinforced Peat made structural sense, and bears water, in so many ways. The ability to purify seawater into fresh water, in abundance, not to mention, manage sewage, and grow crops, maintain livestock?!. Upon sight, clearly a viable hull material, think sea turtles mate, sea turtles.

A dreamers mind feels almost like a Rubik’s cube of sorts, bam, bam, bam, click. Imagining a Turtle shape, sculpted out of a high altitude mountain plateau’s hidden valley contents, was not so easy to see. A thing so perfect, all truths fit, and my faith leapt up. Whoa thumper?!. How did I miss grass roots as the origin of all wood, until now just considered as plain ole Peat, yet truly by genus, out of the same pile?!. Legitimately as an expert on wood, yes, grass roots are technically enough of a byproduct and indirectly a wood source by character definition, true to form, quiet possibly, very easily workable. Not the first thing I would think of as wood yet every lumberyard today slings shelving made of hay they classed as a wood product. Making defining the Biblical term Gopher wood worth seeing.

Grass roots did what in bed? Make Peat compress and age until ripe for plucking, planing, or whatever you wished as Gopher, Wood. Made easy sense as a real licensed carpenter. Too easy as a home inspector, I doubted and checked everything I could reference, until now so sure. Updating one year after writing the first draft, yes I still believe, asked and answered is humbling. PB2G, my cup was empty, and now overflows daily. Sneaky like, yet very welcome, the sip. The feedback has been very good, over twelve thousand readers, with many re-visits and not one discouraging comment. Thank you, God bless. We will continue to gather and display this virtual tour.

It may be possible to pleasantly surprise a world of curious experts that searched tirelessly for the Ark’s final resting place. The adventurous blood sweat and tears of mocked poor fellows, saddened by believed defeat. At finding dense layers of inexpiable Peat in place of timber strands expected. Where they were assured by Ultrasonic tests the Gopher Wood beams of the Ark’s carcass they had hoped to discover. I pray they laugh, loudly upon reevaluations of findings, share sip brothers. I believe they may have struck right and true in more than one place. To hull a vast household.

Seeing the Polymerization of high altitude Peat clearly today as I do. May it take my age to be unequivocally believed as the true source of the term Gopher Wood. Yet once there and looking back at the Hobbit haven a practicum may make, with much to rediscover?! Noah dreamed, right? For who, just him?! Look about, are we not one star swirling among billions, alone?!. In this world we are the sum of the love we make. Art, I am reminded of the art I must share soon, drawings, paintings, and a few funtastic stories. Forced to dream up a realm where Noah’s Ark and Turtle Island existed together in. I had to see them as parts of the same rescue plan, and in some way allow Gopher wood to become common knowledge again.

A forum is needed to weather the ages beyond this rashly fielded table undivided by unknowns. Fantastically foresighted many people have already done much to give our sense of history meaning. I look forward to their enjoyment of finding new paths after applying this theory. To me Noah’s Practicum holds enough water I am still writing and tuning up sketches, assembled with simple tools for all, enjoy?! A truth theory that sparks a true query, challenged by all until universally A+ at doing no harm, sounds confusing and assuming yes. Yet for a day all see the value of the God given words Gopher Wood tread upon as I do. Paying forward thoughts here, added to my words faithfully true as I am able, with facts and research worth belief. Please comment.

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