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  • Forgive me Russel, crew, words are not enough to express, if they got round II, by you?!.

Investing, Update 2017, for previous readers, thank you. While reading this page I ask that you think about the unseen and unknown works of Methuselah. As Noah’s Great Grandfather, and the person he took his dream of the Deluge to, that is after telling his wife of course. As a parent, what would you invest, and do the asking from Methuselah’s point of view. Know that I believe he is a patriarch of all men, as Noah is, an old world family man. Please allow and enjoy the YouTube videos included on this and other pages of the theory. Using my intuition and deepest sought feelings to bolster my speculations. Sadly know the producers of the Noah movie primarily shown on this page included a disclaimer that ruined it. And I quote, “The persons and events in this motion picture are fictitious. Any Similarity to actual persons and events is unintentional.” Hnh? In capitalized words at the end of the film they tell us they didn’t believe in it. Then why make it? To terrorize us, make us fear each other, profit, or all of the above. Amazing work and truly I did love the movie. More for the fine choice of actors and the job done than story. With such great camera work and all the references to God, it serves, not perfectly, yet. Sweetly we get to survive and think upon the points of view presented. Shame they never found Gopher wood before they started. So that reason enough to begin seeking repair?

Methuselah may have been old, sure, and tall. Yet to be honest the old text and Scripture has left much to interpretation. Translated time and again until the specifics we wish to know elude us. Seriously, can you actually imagine after walking about with Noah to gather the people. Methuselah quitting to crawl around looking for his precious berries when the Flood is aimed at all he loves. That doesn’t sit right with me. Firstly he was able to travel, as in Scripture Methuselah is quite capable of visiting the nations warned by Noah? Now ask yourself, great grandfathers and all, if they laughed at someone you believed in? Would you slink off whimpering over berries? Yeah I didn’t think so either, not Methuselah. Sorry Hollywood, but no wonder none of you saw Gopher wood, too blinded by the cha-ching cha-ching. I shall not deny God nor the faith of my ancestors.

Ever measure the height of a horse, correctly, in hands. Across a spectrum of people those measurements would vary. For even if measuring the same horse, our hands are all just the slightest bit different, and as unique as our fingerprints. Feet, baby feet is how men may once have been measured to gauge growth potential. Same as a horse, except that we used the width of our own newborn foot. On edge and stacked, Methuselah’s 179 “baby” feet become an actual measurement that still makes him a giant, yet. Realistically more likely between ten and twelve feet tall by today’s definition of a foot. Yeah he is my hero, now and then, a gifted soul I pray never gets forgotten. Enjoy and remember Noah was not the lion they pretend, and the fallen still beg us to speak to God for them. Which is exactly what happens next in the film, truly take notice.

For on the seventh day before the flood reached it’s full height. Scripture states God sent his Lion. Either that was Methuselah, or one of his countless retainers, we will never know. Though for one to be lost and one to appear with the same heart and intention, our faith is needed. For us to make peace with now and then, remember the hand outstretched, and seeking. The next video shows Russel Crowe acting out possibly the most atrocious view of Noah to date. Forgive me for showing this part, yet the mindset of humanity is in mortal peril, and no amount of pretentious inner turmoil can excuse the blade aimed at the heart of an innocent.

Why include this part? After working so hard to save the innocent, Noah points a knife at his grandchildren? Stooping to such depths to increase the dramatic effect of the film, destroyed our view of Noah’s true purity. The very reason he was chosen by God. Ignored entirely to grant someone else’s impure interpretation and doubts. I pray they explained to Russel that he was wrapping the pretend skin of the punished angel that wishes only to steer us away from God, around his real arm. Investing anything in a magic snakeskin that lead us to God is idolatry. Really Russel? Oi mate, wakey wakey you creeped me out very badly in that scene. Almost as much as the point aimed at the babies, where was this ever written as such? Definitely not in Scripture. Enjoy the next scene with the theory points offered in mind, and remember, this got sold to us as The, Noah Story. Woodworker disclaimer, notice at 7 mins. an unseen breach, through the thin Noah movie hull is in the following video.

One man, axe or no axe, and we are expected to believe this log cabin of an Ark survived one year in the roughest waters ever. Thank God for cinematography that allows the swell height of the flood waters, to not even remotely near or challenge today’s swell heights of our modern waters. Here’s hoping another group of Noah enthusiasts produce a movie loosely based on this new theory. I know I want a shared survivor story. Yet who were Shem and Ham elected Kings of just before Japheth was also sent off to into governance? Leading great caravans of people off to the four corners of the world, instructed to repopulate the lands. How? Unless more were saved from the devastation of the flood, how? By knowing all the best Gopher wood caches, that is how. Finding what remains of them today with a new point of view to examine them with. Researchers, ole. In the next video, Russel Crowe sets my heart at ease, shewing us his light with just is words. 

Investing. I ask for nothing from you save the chance to believe what I do and share it. For before this golden age closes should we not know ourselves truly. Your time or effort in an old debate is no longer required, yet seeing us all reconnected beneficially long-term, would be awesome. Noah’s deed of saving us, is not as cryptic as it may appear. Remember the covenant made? Noah made his last sacrifice, promising to never draw the blood of a lamb again before his. Knowing the lamb never truly died as he wished for guidance. With hands and blood afire, the rainbow of mercy appeared, delivering that most precious promise granted. Since then has man been able and allowed to live lives free to do no harm. Everyone bleeding it out in words sounds about right. Honouring that is why these words exist. I imagined a few dots connected, and saw a world with no more reasons to be divided. Joined by one true thing, a shared return, for this I would offer all I am. Discover the mysteries we have to enjoy of this life, on mission, to see one true thing. Love the company your with, until every person knows you, and never retreat, never. Personally as a carpenter and very familiar with wood. Experts allow me to finish my say. Yet truly I need more experts, engineers, and highly educated people outside my pay-grade. People who grasp the theory and understand what to seek as Gopher wood. Seriously shall we allow a revisit to the build sites until we find the central figured Noah’s Ark among the fleet. In the next short video, watch the stresses the seas casually exert, attempt to shear an animated hull several inches thick.

I believe, a turtle shaped polymerized peat hull existed. Grass rope held anchor stones, retained & balanced the craft, as water guided it’s way. For there is more than just my word, as every nation has a flood story, was a greater survival story. Put together on the same day, with our world at risk, know all written. Noah’s Ark was made of Gopher wood, yes I agree, wholeheartedly and then some. I.D. & O.D., Inside & Outside Dimensions, as every person knows, are two very distinct terms of measurement as are thicknesses. Thicknesses of length, thickness of base width, and thickness of overhead hull, I believe may best describe the dimensions originally provided in the Book of Genesis. If a few brave experts run the numbers, people may see Gopher wood for what it was, miraculous. Seamless strata so buoyant and one day possibly common knowledge again.

Believe as you wish yet fact is people learn skills, teach skill sets, oral experts, that today still don’t know everything written. What I would have given to be my great Grandfather Methuselah’s apprentice, at anything. Noah was graced with a broad education, had resources, way beyond laptops, in real people he trusted. Able to foresee the size of workable Gopher wood. To determine O.D. from Inside dimensions, needs an assessment survey as we do today, on every job. Knowing the risks Noah dared. I feel great upon thinking about it, thanks Great Grandfather.

Getting past the mockery Noah suffered, and enjoying the encouragement of a faithful Great Grandfather. Methuselah may have toured the world with Noah. Visiting Ancient communities that thrived by socially trading basic resources such as Gopher wood. To cities that dispensed knowledge, of the valleys and mountain plateaus where many lived simply and humbly. Traces and ruins of lost legendary places the Experts today still search the world for, posting exciting thoughts in theory. Faith that there was more to the few brief words granted us in Scripture. Believed written more than a dozen generations after the deluge. I find a challenge worth exploring and expressing my findings. For all to flourish, we need faith in who we are as people, roots we may trust. Noah’s Practicum literally already stood the test of time. Sorting the story’s words, a story in itself, please remember, I am writing these pages live until @ year 2020. Care to create an age?!. Expert corroboration shall take time to garner, yet I hope to soon post a constructed footing that will last until Gopher wood stands known. God bless the readers that constructively commented.

Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. “H” stone found 11:1

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