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  • Unequivocally, every word written here was borrowed from God, to survive here.


Unequivocal. Never a thing for a writer of any theory to declare. Time judges all.
Reasons to doubt dwindle then surge yet holding fast to what is true is up to you. I only offered a few connections worth thinking about. Once solid leads become established as facts, until a reasonable compilation is made of worked out issues. Between who is still to early to guess, yet compiling? Thank LIKE for counting. This baby step I pray gets smitten, from all sides, good like.

Like Ken Ham, I believe what I have read. Like Bill, both may see me the way they see each other, good men both, have no fears I don’t. Turtles chase small fry towards larger game at sea all day, eating quiet the diet. Pinnacle in salt water environments & possibly missing from Titicaca, lost during flood, exchanged for frogs. Shiny fish make strong turtles, fish hide under houses, balanced on principals of nature. Turtles like frogs, & trout, birds love all, trinity or fail, in circles linked ∞²

There is a Respect my Elder Jacob spoke of I think upon as I write. Acting on a dream, Noah got up & ran, saving us all. Long before I tried to do anything, was written much worth reading. Do so lead me to an answer. As my skillset was able to recognize, a simple truth, about the genus, Wood. Fire sculpted peat hull, custom built with so many options to list. I feel I’m still trying to sell you, forgive me. The free water still has me working on drawn details. My autistic Grandson is young & I have been making this under his eye. Funnily he engages me to find more videos & he now knows much. Great beta tester, and he loves it so, enjoy.

Luckily my second Uncle, was a Naval Engineer, & Class A water expert to be exact. Had lots to say before I could ask about Peat, yet his words ring true, even now. Every displaced person at sea needs more water per day than fuel yet today the ratios are tough to balance. Fair to guess, drawing a few million litres of water, from the sea per day. Would not be hard through a hull of proper Peat only a kilometer long. Basic sewage infrastructure enough to thwart swells?!.

Until we compile more opinions, my debate is over for the most part. The shark below is only a side character, at sea not to be trifled with yet here, early aggression turns mild once accustomed. Sharks read body frequencies transmitted through water constantly. Fear & panic are directly affecting their responses into frenzy, if hungry, very dangerous, if curious, be cautious, opportunistic as men. Seals & otters enjoy tag with turtles rather than toothy swimmers any day.

Saying there was concrete is a leap, yet in a valley full of great stone work, even clay may work. Little today could stand against a thousand foot crest. Designs & technology we take for granted came from earlier times. Water works Preflood, there is little today left to testify, though we do have hints, conclusive? Odd pipes, mostly sewage, yet move water along, easy? Spillways teams up crews, wisely?!. Working out the fine details of construction, is an invitation extended here?!.

A practicum is a work study, group, thingy, presentation, shared bodily function, true to nature, we are filled with essential minerals, that act not as the stones they are, made inside a form of clay, circulating perpetually, even upon passing through states, our essences are real light, shewn through darkness, from valley to valley, that during every displacement, virtually nothing is lost, as all matter may never be destroyed, only transformed into a new thing, faith is truly physically self written.

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