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We’ve compiled a list of referenced YouTube videos found on our pages. As I am writing live, your forgiveness if I’ve borrowed your work and placed it here in any way that offends. Truly I admire every video even if our opinion vary, thank you. Do know all videos have been randomly selected to aid interpretation. In no way are the opinions expressed by those selected intended to harm or disparage anyone nor mean to. If I have used your video & you wish it removed please ask. All posted videos will require me to ask for permissions, attempts have been made & are in process, forgive until then & enjoy the tour. All videos were posted as found & only linked, not altered. All accompanying text is the opinion of the writer of Noah’s Practicum, Roger Fleury. In interest of education & history we ask here for that allowance, fairly, at non profit. When we discover what Gopher Wood is, the pay foreword theory used shall be obvious.

  1. Nativity is a state of mind, hearts hear, around corners, across seas, coast to coast, enjoy.
  2. Five current YouTube public access videos, on the floating Islands of Titicaca.
  3. Five H stone related YouTube videos, great points of view, impartial as able.

Please enjoy the video atop, as ambiance until rigged to greet upon arrival.

First enjoy the several selected videos linked from Youtube, listed categories are building.

Purely for your enjoyment during contemplation of Noah’s Practicum.

These gentlemen remind me much of my little angels. Respectfully High on Life, Rocks my soul.

Translators are possibly going to be needed around our world, engage and friends shall arrive.

People are Awesome, sharing is the square root of all love.

Brien Foester, Writer & Archaeologist asks some of the best questions, & has not given up hope.

Open to all debate, we believe, Noah’s Practicum solidly connects the H stones here to keyed Peat.

Few experts agree, yet to date, none have been able to definitely find true use or date of origin.

History channel studied inconclusively & plenty of experts guessed, yet facts remain undiscovered.

Fifth of the videos that grant you eyes on, weigh & measure, yet follow through, there is plenty.

Six of five may need to trim.

First Grass rope bridge by Victoiano, local Bridgemaster & Historian, teach two communities yearly

Second Grass rope bridge, Spanish translation with English subtitles.

Focus requires sight, as breath requires draw, of essence from essence makes us infinitely expand.

Forthright video, in depth and at length, local community shews every step of proper construction.

Language translations need tending, correction suggestions, are a page in itself, volunteers?

Multi cultural is better than no culture at all, thank you online community for getting it right.

One hundred wonders expresses much of the facts easily explain & enjoyable to watch, like minded.